Emerging Professionals Employee Resource Group


The mission of the Emerging Professionals Employee Resource Group is to help emerging Georgia Tech professionals prepare for their future through social community, networking, professional development, and service.

Guided by the principles of self-authorship, we envision a thriving network of GA Tech emerging professionals who support, grow, challenge, and collaborate with one another. 


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The Emerging Professionals Employee Resource Group benefits Georgia Tech employees by facilitating:

  • Improved sense of belonging, connection to the community, and commitment to the Institute
  • Opportunities for emerging professionals to participate in consistent professional development
  • Increased mental health and a reduction in workplace-related stress


Pillars of Engagement

Social Community
Cultivating a social community of emerging professionals fosters trust, collaboration, and the free exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Emerging professionals find mentors, development opportunities, and professional connections through intentional networking.

Professional Development
Professional development opportunities encourage emerging professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge beyond those required for their position.

Service to the institution and community is essential to finding purpose and instigating positive social change.

Eligibility for Membership

Any Georgia Tech employee or affiliate employee is welcome to become an official member and engage in any events and services offered by Georgia Tech Emerging Professionals. For the purposes of creating and implementing intentional and data-driven programming, an emerging professional is defined as any individual who is new to the Georgia Tech Community or has worked in higher education for less than 10 years. The majority of our membership consists of Coordinator/Entry-Level positions and/or individuals who do not supervise full-time staff. 


Current Leadership Team
  • Principal Empowerment Officers:  Megan Faulkner (she/her) and Miranda Garcia (she/her)
  • Executive Team: McCall Henderson (she/her), James Allen, Jr. (he/him), Katie Sclafani (she/her), Emily Laurence (she/her), & Carly Shuman (she/her)