Building Community and Transforming the Culture through Modeling Inclusive Excellence

As part of Institute Diversity, Staff Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement leads initiatives, programs, and events for all employees to build community, grow leaders, and transform the culture through modeling inclusive excellence.

We offer the following initiatives to encourage employees to tap into their innate brilliance and common humanity — thus fostering personal and community transformation:

  • Leadership Development – Provides a self-guided professional development experience to leaders who proactively want to build self-awareness, improve personal power, and increase their global leadership capacity.
  • Engagement – Builds communities of engaged employees who experience a greater sense of belonging. 


View the Transformative Narratives

The Transformative Narratives traveling exhibit, a collection of 24 artistically embellished photographic portraits, showcases the rich tapestry of our diverse faculty, staff, and student population.

Join the Employee Resource Groups

Learn more about the six Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) offered at Georgia Tech. Sign up for one or more ERG(s), and welcome to the community! 

Read the Brochure

Learn more about Staff Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement’s mission, vision, initiatives and programs, and partnerships in this informative brochure.