Inclusive Leaders Academy



As people leaders at Georgia Tech, we value and thrive on diversity. You are charged with leading your administrative unit or project – determining strategy, allocating resources, implementing tactics, and inspiring team members – while developing personal and professional skills to be inclusive leaders who create psychological safety and support team members by cultivating a sense of belonging. These are complex skills requiring intentional practice and transformational growth.

Research shows that managers who are self-aware managers are more effective. They collaborate better and support their employees in times of change. They are more inclusive and engaging and proactively seek to lift and advance their teams.

The goal of the Inclusive Leaders Academy is two-fold:

• To support managers' career development by providing opportunities to learn and practice these critical competencies for the 21st century.

• To build a community of leaders whose impact transforms the culture towards inclusive excellence.

2023 program information will be available to preview soon!

Key Learning Benefits and Curriculum Topic Areas

The Inclusive Leaders Academy (ILA) curriculum includes practice areas for cultivating Self-Awareness, Social Intelligence, and Courage. The skill sets are comprised of habits proven to lead to better decision-making and enhance team and organizational climate. Although the 13-week experience is self-guided, you must complete the content for these three curriculum topic areas between February and May to receive your Culture Champion certificate of completion this spring.

Social Intelligence: How do you engage and influence others?
  • Three 30-minute, self-guided learning modules on inclusion to explore how to Find Common Ground, Lift People Up, and Help Create Clarity [required]
  • One 60-minute, live webinar to summarize the SCARF Model™ and receive a decision guide tool [required]
  • One Stories We Live Wisdom Lab  [required]
Self-Awareness: Who are you? What are your existing scripts and beliefs?
  • Three 30-minute, self-guided learning modules to explore unconscious bias and the SEEDS Model™ (Similarity Biases, Expedience Biases, Experience Biases, Distance Biases, and Safety Biases) [required]
  • One 60-minute, live webinar to summarize the SEEDS Model™ and receive a decision guide [required]​
Courage: Who do you want to be as a leader?​ “What is your call to courage?”
  • Day 1: 2- two-hour segments on Dare-to-Lead skill set – Rumbling with Vulnerability and the Power of Authenticity [required]
  • Day 2: 2- two-hour segments on Dare-to-Lead skill sets – Braving Trust and Rising Strong™  [required]
  • Complete an 800-1200 word Leadership or Diversity Story [required]
  • One two-hour Leadership Legacies Dialogue to create your personal transformation plan as a compassionate, connected, and co-creative leader [required]
  • One two-hour Creating a “Calling In Culture” Wisdom Lab [optional]

To complete the program and receive a certificate, participants must finish the required online core curriculum modules for INCLUDE and DECIDE, plus participate in a minimum of one optional wisdom lab and one inclusive leaders dialogue session. This is equivalent to 18 credits and hours of learning and practice. All participants are expected to attend the opening and closing ceremonies. At the closing Inclusive Leaders Roundtable, all qualifying participants will engage in community dialogue, celebrate transformations, and be recognized among other campus leaders and managers.

Who Should Participate?

The Inclusive Leaders Academy is open to all people leaders, managers, administrators, researchers, and academic professionals at Georgia Tech. Eligibility to apply is based on holding a supervisory role in a campus unit; leading an enterprise project; successfully completing a qualifying existing campus leadership development program; and/or serving in a leadership role in an Employee Resource Group, Diversity Council, Staff Council, or other approved campus network. Staff Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement will accept approximately 60 people into the seventh cohort of the Inclusive Leaders Academy during winter/spring semester 2023. All culture champions from prior cohorts are welcome to take courses this spring to refresh their knowledge on aspects of inclusive leadership and to enhance the learning environment for the current cohort. Culture Champions will also be eligible to participate in future Change Maker DEI Coaching certificate™ programs being offered. 

Nominations will be accepted until Monday, November 21.