Leadership Development

“For leaders to get results, they need all three kinds of focus: Inner focus attunes us to our intuitions, guiding values, and better decisions.”

–Daniel Goleman, author, psychologist, and science journalist 

Through our Leadership Development initiative, we provide a self-guided professional development experience to leaders who proactively want to build self-awareness, improve personal power, and increase their global leadership capacity. Programs in this initiative include:

  • Inclusive Leaders Academy – Offers a professional leadership and legacy development program for Institute managers driven by an innovative learning curriculum.
    • One-on-one Coaching – Coaches executives and senior or emerging leaders on self-awareness and authenticity; self-mastery; self-care and resilience; and storytelling and legacy development based on Tech’s Transformational Learning Curriculum. 
    • Team Coaching – Coaches leadership teams on creating engaging and inclusive environments.
  • Leading Women@Tech – Creates empowerment opportunities for women leaders and builds a community of women who will advance a culture of inclusive excellence.